Contribution to the horizontal principles of the European Commission

1. Sustainable development

PyrMove contributes to the principle of sustainability by:

  • Maintaining the resilience of fragile ecosystems.
  • Including actions of risk reduction based on forecasting and planning against engineering solutions with a higher impact on the environment.
  • Using techniques with little or no impact on the environment (e.g., satellite monitoring)
  • Including economies based on the use of cross-border shared resources.

2. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on sex, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation

Due to its objective and actions in the public sphere, PyrMove ensures equal opportunities and non-discrimination in situations of exposure to disaster risk. In addition, the project will implement:

  • Accessibility measures in outreach activities (WEB and meetings).
  • A plan for equal opportunities in the recruitment of personnel during the project (positive weight for women in the selection criteria for contracted personnel).
  • Specific sessions in the final seminar of the project to emphasize the role of women in natural risk management
  • Drafting of dissemination texts from the perspective of gender equality.