Contribution to territorial strategies and public policies (national, regional and local)

Actions 1 to 3 of the Natural Risks file from the French National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PNACC) indicate the need to: (i) analyze the response of landslides to changes in groundwater level due to climate change, (ii) implement a landslide observation network at experimental sites and promote long-term monitoring, (iii) help harmonize the concepts of surveillance and alert, and (iv) draw lessons from past disasters.

PyrMove will contribute to these four goals by:

  • Simulating MORLEs crisis as part of the soil erosion modeling strategy proposed in the Spanish PNACC.
  • Calculating quantitatively the risk associated with landslides at three scales (including temporal probability and direct and indirect costs), which will be a significant contribution to existing national and regional landslide risk prevention plans (e.g., PPR in France, MPRG in Catalonia, PZGPE in Andorra).
  • Identifaying rainfall thresholds that cause landslides and their acceleration. This, together with weather forecasts, will enable the pre-alert status of Civil Protection services and, therefore, will directly contribute to national and regional Civil Protection plans against floods.