Contribution to European strategies and policies

The analysis of extreme climatic events, including the estimation of their evolution due to climate change, the natural risks associated with torrential rains (such as landslides) and their consequences for the population, is one of the priority lines of the European program Horizon 2020. The importance of these analysis is also reflected in the goals of other territorial cooperation programs and entities, such us the SUDOE and OPCC projects.

PyrMove will contribute to these work lines by:

  • Analising damages caused by hydro-meteorological phenomena (which is one of the climatic indicators of the European Environment Agency).
  • Implementing monitoring, modelling and landslide alert tools (wihch will complement the priority axis 4 of the SUDOE PI 5b project).
  • Contributing to the construction of the European Landslide Susceptibility Map (one of the measures in development of the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection of the European Union (EU)) and to the harmonization of the landslide databases, required by the INSPIRE regulations of the EU.
  • Contributing to achieve objectives 1, 2 and 3 of the Pyrenean Observatory on Climate Change and helping to expand several of its indicators (cartographic evolution of territories with high natural risk, monitoring of groundwater level, evolution of natural mountain phenomena, among them landslides).